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aqua-Vit Energetic-Crystal avk-50

Vitalises and invigorates your living space - 50 x 50 mm

    * bioenergetically loaded by the Pock-Vital-System.
    * simply attach to the window sill
    * strongly recommended by Feng-Shui experts.

The contamination in our homes or offices caused by unnatural material, electrical devices and their harmful electro-smog, microwave radiation, mobile phones etc. is increasing. Besides, ground radiation and water veins can be found in greater quantities. The sum of this radiation puts our body, mind and spirit in stress, effecting our emotional health.
The aqua-Vit Energetic Crystal supports and acheives the cleaning and the needed/required harmonic energy flow in every living area, obstructing the unhindered escape of life force.
Customers report that continuous sleep disorders and physical ailments decrease remarkably, simply by attaching the Energetic Crystal or by the employment of an aqua-Vit room harmoniser.

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