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aqua-Vit Vita - Pillow avV-30

Improves general well-being 390 x 390mm

    * supplies the body with the basic life force
    * removes blockages, and treats ailments
    * works without electricity or magnetism


Most of the time ailments arise due to blockages of, or insufficient energy.
Particularly these days, when lack of exercise and stress are our daily companion, a high quality energy balance is necessary.
The aqua-Vit Vita - Pillow supplies all seven energy centres with a harmonic energy spectrum, and supports the natural energy balance of the body cells.
The application is very simple. Just put the Vita - Pillow on the area causing the complaint for a certain period of time. The Vita - Pillow can also be used for strengthening while driving or sitting in the office.
Astonishingly, pets and animals feel the supporting effects of the Vita - Pillow, and love to use it.

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