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Österreichischer Sachverständigenverband
Austrian Product

aqua-Vit E-Smog-Kat avE-20

The solution for your electrical equipment. (39 x 50mm)

    * harmonises the radiation from a monitor
    * a must for TV owners and people who work with computers.
    * used for faults with electricity meters, houshold appliances, and many other items sucessfully.

Televisions, computers, radio alarm clocks, Hi-Fis, Microwaves, and other houshold aplliances have one thing in common - they contaminate our environment with electrosmog. These disturbed fields are ever increasing, and are becoming uncomfortable.
The aqua-Vit E-Smog Kat overlies the 50Hz frequencies and harmonises electromagnetic fields that are induced by an A/C current.
The advantage: ability to work longer in front of a computer, less strain to watch TV, protection from damaging rays and their interactions.
Simply, with the sticking foil, attach it to your chair or table in the vicinity of the electrical appliance, or directly onto your computer, TV, alarm clock, or electricity meter.

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