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aqua-Vit Handy-Kat avK-10

the "catalytic converter" for every mobile phone

    * the latest biotechnology
    * harmonises waves eminating from the mobile phone
    * no need to worry about using your mobile phone
    * easy to attach

The result of years of research into quantum physics says, "everything is oscillating".
Every healthy organism requires an harmonically oscillating field.
Unfortunately, the natural energy fields are increasingly being distorted, and as a result, the metabolic function in individual cells an be affected.
The damaging influences, for example from electro-smog has been researched and demonstrated by Professor Bergsmann at the University of Vienna.
Up until now, the electro-smog has been widely ignored, except with mobile phones, because when using a mobile phone, a right-angled impulse into the brain is also released, and increasingly people feel it.
It is also worth noting that you must switch your mobile phone off in hospitals and aircraft.
"Or: a recommendation for phoning - have at least 50cm between you and your phone" (BRD Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz Salzgitter 1998)!!!
Increasing numbers of people suffer from complaints and pains in the head or chest after using their phone for extended periods.
Now it is down us to acknowledge that a certain balance must be restored, for example with aqua-Vit.
The Mobile-Catalyser, using the well known Pock-Vital-Systems completely neutralises the energy waves.
Through this, the artificial waves are harmonised, and a wide variety of the complaints and pains are either drastically reduced, or completely eradicated.
Adapting your telephone is very fast and easy.
The Mobile-Catalyser can simply be put in the battery compartment of your mobile phone, or strapped on with sticky tape. Even battery performance is enhanced.
Of course the Mobile-Catalyser also works any cordless telephone, or CB radio.

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