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aqua-Vit Energetic-Rod avS-12

Vitalises food and drink.

    * aids digestion
    * improves the taste
    * take it with you on holiday
    * gives you more strength for everyday life

The aqua-Vit Energetic-Rod invigorates our food and drink with positive life energy, without electricity or chemicals!
Through increasing environmental pollution, weakening of the Earth's magnetic field and numerous other negative influences, energisation will become more important.
Only through the use of energetically pure materials, detailed observation, countless attempts and the invention of Pock-Vital-Systems, has Peter Pock managed to produce this high quality Energetic Rod, as well as all aqua-Vit products.
It neutralises and eliminates damaging elements in food and drink that we ingest.
The pointed shape of the rod was chosen, so that the acupressure and acupuncture massage energy points can be easily accessed, and it can be accurately applied where needed. This is how the Energetic-Rod has positive effects here, and improvements occur more rapidly.
As with all aqua-Vit products, there is a 7 year guarantee if used correctly.
Even if at the start you don't notice any change, your foodstuffs will have been greatly vitalised.
The ballpoint pen form of the rod is ideal for travelling - for example to work, or on holidays. An energising instrument that is simple, light, and always with you. The rod balances energies and gives one more strength for daily life!
You can better absorb and utilise the vitality of the energised food and afterwards pass it out more easily, consequently easing the burden on the metabolic and digestive systems.
Our customers repeatedly tell us that problems that have lasted for years, for example digestive problems after drinking coffee, either completely vanished, or were greatly reduced - solely through the regular use of the aqua-Vit Energetic-Rod.
The use of the aqua-Vit Energetic-Rod is very simple. Often it is enough to simply stroke the Energetic-Rod clockwise a few times around the vessel, thus vitilising the food contents - and you can really tell from the changed taste and smell.
Of course you can also place the aqua-Vit Energetic-Rod directly in the food or drink if you wish. This would result in an even stronger positive charge of life energy.

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