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aqua-Vit Energetic-Pendant Cronos

for protection and well being

    * always with you
    * restores original life energy
    * balances all energy levels
    * gives more strength for daily life
    * reduces school related stress for children
    * harmonises artificial energy fields

As an optimum energy balance we recommend the aqua-Vit Energetic-Pendant. It accompanies us everywhere. It provides our body with natural high-quality original life energy, balances and harmonises all levels of energy. Thus our protective shield is enormously strengthened.
Particularly people who are exposed to artificial energy fields, such as owners of mobile phones should see the aqua-Vit Energetic-Pendant as a necessity. If you work regularly with computers, it neutralises the waves your body is not used to.
Also, when working within the field of energy, for example masseurs or therapists, the aqua-Vit Energetic-Pendant harmonises the energy fields.
The same applies to dowsers or people in similar professions.
Surplus or deficient energy causes many problems in daily life, of which we are all too aware.
Even for children at school, the aqua-Vit Energetic-Pendant does a great job. Concentration can be improved, reducing stress and even fear of school. And even if they only see it as a small lucky charm from Mum or Dad, that too can be a great help and support during an important exam.
For the sick, frail or elderly among us, the aqua-Vit Energetic-Pendant has worked wonders.

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