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aqua-Vit Air Invigoration/Ionisation - Transformer avL-60

For a healthier indoor climate.

    * "sorts out" the room's atmosphere
    * suspended dust settles
    * less alergies
    * strengthens general state of health

Unfortunately, nowadays, it is not only water that is exposed to a great number of negative influences, but also, particularly, the air.
For this reason the Ionisation Transformer was developed. It is also called the Air Invigorator. Just like all other aqua-Vit products it works on the principle of oscillation - and information transmission.
The aqua-Vit Ionisation Transformer sorts out and invigorates the air in a room, which results in an optimum ionisation level.
This means the Air Invigorator enriches the room's atomosphere with negative ions, leading to an ionic balance. Suspended matter and air polution can thus sink to the ground, are bound, and can no longer be inhaled.
We achieve a positive, homogenic and pure energy field, invigorating an entire room, and making it very comfortable.
Besides, germs, viruses and bacteria are reduced to a minimum, replicating the freshness of alpine or of sea air.
The air invigoration fights/counteracts various allergies and diseases of the respiratory tract, even asthma.
Pains and complaints clearly become milder and often completely disappear. Even improvements in circulation in the body is possible.
The Ionisation-Transformer, as with all aqua-Vit products, works without electricity or chemicals. Assembling this device is very simple - it only needs to be attached to the heating pipe.

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