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aqua-Vit Pool Invigorator avP-60

for swimming pools, biotopes and fisheries.

    * less chlorine additives
    * less algae, even in a biotope
    * easier pool cleaning
    * beats germs, fungus and bacteria
    * gives a more invigorating swim
    * more organisms in a biotope
    * algae bind together, allowing easy removal

The use of chlorine in swimming pools can be reduced considerably. As a result, your skin and eyes are much less irritated by the water.
Algae cease development, due to the restoration of the biological balance of the water.
The cleaning of the pool becomes easier, because the invigorated water leaves fewer mineral deposits.
You obtain a healthier and more natural water for the well being of your family, and not least for spring- and groundwater.
Biologically balanced water is the foundation of a beautiful and vibrant biotope. Due to the improved intake of oxygen, the development of algae is reduced, making cleaning much easier.
Within a short period, stones clean themselves and devolop positive waves. Plants inside and around the biotope become lush and strong. The fish population enjoy excellent health.
The quality of water is decisive for sucessful breeding of fish. Invigoration of the water with an aqua-Vit Pool Invigorator ensures a higher oxygen content in the water.
This is not only of benefit to the fish themselves, but also supports the growth of the indispensible micro-organisms to establish a strong ecosystem. Algae and mud are kept at natural levels.
Germs, fungus and bacteria are reduced to a minimum which means the fish are less prone to disease.
The high costs of prophylax and treatment are thus reduced. The fish are healthier, show greater growth, and are therefore much more profitable.

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