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aqua-Vit Water Invigorator avW-60

With the Pock-Vital-System for healthy tap water that is rich in energy.

Amongst other thing invigorated water results in:

    * clockwise water
    * water feels softer
    * less or no moisturising cream required
    * softer and fuller hair
    * less washing powder or other cleaning agents required
    * less or no conditioner required
    * improved taste of drinking water
    * children enjoy drinking water more
    * improves the taste of homebaking
    * animals like tap water better
    * plants become lush and strong
    * less furring up of equipment and pipes by mineral deposits
    * increased well being after external application
    * germs, fungus and bacteria reduced to a minimum
    * longer shelf-life for fruit and vegetables after washing
    * longer shelf-life for flowers in a vase
    * stimulates the immune and metabolic systems
    * Improves skin conditions
    * Improved effects of medicinal herbs and homeopathy
The aqua-Vit Water Invigoratior vitalises and regenerates any body of water.
Visible, successful tests show that radiation and life force are enhanced through aqua-Vit products. In days of great environmental upheaval, we need a strong high-quality water invigorator.
To answer this need we have a water invigorator which can clean our water effectively, energise it and harmonise it.
Every household needs aqua-Vit as it fulfills all these tasks admirably.
With the aqua-Vit Water Invigoratior, energy is enhanced so enormously that an invigoration occurs even through a pipe. "Convince yourself of the positive effect!" Water harmonisation and invigoration is also of enormous value to the environment.
Due to this, water is fresher, tastes better, and brings vitality and strength to people, animals and plants. Our clients repeatedly tell us of the great success they have enjoyed due to aqua-Vit invigorated water.

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